Monday, 30 March 2009

radio forecast

tune in from 2-3pm this thursday (or, as always, wait till a bit later and listen whenever you like with the listen again option if you prefer) for bottle rocket radio's 23rd show!

at first, you may find it similar to the other 22 weeks - "hey, this amazing blend of great new music and topical tour-related tracks is awfully familiar" you may declare. "wait, are they still using the theme from jurassic park as their backing music? well, it isn't original, but goshdarn it's a wonderful piece of orchestral loveliness" may also cross your mind. well, we consider this tried-and-tested structure a guarantee of consistency, not repetition. you know what you're gonna get with bottle rocket, and that's jaw-dropping brilliance through and through. yes sirree.

this week's tentative playlist includes more from thomas truax and dananananaykroyd, plus stuff from pelle carlberg and remember remember if the mood so takes us. plus mike will be back to balance out the between-song nonsense-talking. cracking.

br x

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