Friday, 27 March 2009

yesterday's radio

twas me alone for yesterday's show, and i'd forgotten how distracting it is trying to press buttons and push faders and so on while talking to your own reflection (hence quite a few long-ish tracks to give me time to breathe!) The tracks in question are these:

- Danny and the Juniors - At the Hop
- The Hidden Cameras - Breathe On It
- The Deer Tracks - Yes This Is My Broken Shield
- Southerly - Close to the Crime
- Battles - Atlas
- Wire - One Of Us
- The Bluetones - If...
- Dirty Projectors - No More
- Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele - When You Were Mine
- Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned
- Pink Mountaintops - Vampire
- Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams

listen to it here.

and the joke mike texted in (which i forgot to read out in my haste to include pink mountaintops in the show)? what's the fastest cake in the bakery? scone.

sigh. hopefully the banter will be up to scratch for next week's show!

br x

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