Monday, 9 March 2009

more radio coming atcha through FM...

...this thursday.

it's gonna be aces. there aren't that many gig-related bands to play, but i gots lots o'new (or newish) music from st. vincent, the pink mountaintops and the pains of being pure at heart, amongst others. plus there'll no doubt be something by the boss in celebration of getting tickets to his hampden show - can't bloomin wait! and if none of that tickles your fancy, we'll probably be using the jurassic park main theme as our bed music again, so, you know, that's good too.

here's the skinny:

  • bottle rocket radio!
  • thursday 2-3pm!
  • 106.6FM!
  • listen again online by 3:15 on thursday!

that's it, cheerio!


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