Monday, 14 September 2009

bottle rocket radio this thursday, noon till one

Summer - or the space between endless winters that we like to jokingly refer to as summer - is supposed to have died for another year, yet here I am looking at blues skies and a lovely evening sun. Go figure. It means I’m unusually chipper as I set about planning bottle rocket radio’s return to the subcity web-waves...

The first show’ll be focused on reacquainting last year’s listeners with the format and setting the template for newcomers – some new music/forthcoming releases, some gigging acts visiting the city, and the launch of a new (probably) recurring segment, Turning Japanese (you win a coconut if you guess what sorta music I’ll be playing then… nope, not songs about masturbation, songs from the land of the rising sun!). And as ever there’ll be lots and lots of Jurassic Park. Old dog, old tricks.

but that's not all! i'll undoubtedly be doing a fair bit of blethering about this saturday's dancing party. i personally reckon it'll be categorically ace, but i'd urge those visiting the blog for the first time to make up your own mind... and conveniently, you can do so this saturday! if there's a better way to top fresher's week (or not-so-freshers week if you're a decrepit fogie like me) then i'm the queen of sheba. and i'm totally not.

11:30pm - 3:00am
£3 (or nowt if yer already in sleazys by 11:30pm)

Br x

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