Saturday, 12 September 2009

sunset rubdown @ stereo, 10th september

i enjoyed another smashing gig courtesy of the skinny on thursday, here are the words i wrote in exchange...

Prog is not a dirty word. It’s occasionally worth reminding ourselves of that. The authority-baiting allure of punk can convince many an adolescent psyche of prog’s irredeemable ridiculousness, delaying the acceptance that grandiose multi-part opuses are sometimes quite alright thankyouverymuch. Sunset Rubdown are most certainly prog (evidence: their new album’s called Dragonslayer and tonight’s audience includes one excitable gent playing air-piano while a compatriot wields an imaginary baton and conducts, I dunno, probably a goblin orchestra…).

They are also fantastic. Spencer Krug is already a niche-legend, his repute emblazoned on posters for tonight (though he self-consciously worries the by-line “featuring members of Swan Lake, Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes” doesn’t give his bandmates enough recognition). Throughout, his voice carries a dramatic urgency which their epic compositions build upon, piling musical motifs high without becoming tiresome. Moreover, there’s not a wizard’s cape in sight. Prog without self-indulgence? Baroque n’ fucking roll.

5/5 stars

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