Monday, 28 September 2009

new poster design(osaurus)

you may have already noticed the wonderful new poster on the right hand side. well here it is in SUPER EXTREME ULTRA size:

ace, isn't it? the massive increase in quality compared to earlier posters is down to the fact that, rather than me struggling to crudely photoshop some random image, october's has been, well, commissioned i guess. the brief was roughly as follows:

"hi, i'm a bit drunk, can you draw something with dinosaurs?"

"sure, what are your favourites?"

"oh gosh, how to choose... um, well i suppose any of the classics... tricerotops, brontosaurus... any of the jurassic park alumni really. i'll leave it up to you"

and lo and behold, the above was the outcome. fucking lovely. it's the work of one david lemm, an artist and friend whose website might be of interest. have a look here.


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