Wednesday, 23 September 2009

stay tuned to this frequency

the radio show tomorrow is gonna be bonzer, it's all, like, based on subjects wot might be done at uni or something. i'll probably play something from eskimo snow (THAT'S RIGHT THE NEW WHY ALBUM) and the human league. i have little else to say on the matter at this moment in time, so here are some wise radio-related words borrowed from mr holder:

this is rockin' radio the wall of sound
the music that rocks
the music that shocks
that music that comes to you from everywhere
as this is the music of the land
i love that music
i love that sound
i love that record
i love that noise
stay tuned to radio subcity
the wall of sound

Radio wall of sound

Comin' up from my tower

Radio wall of sound

24 hours of power

oh yeah.

thursday, 12-1pm,

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