Thursday, 8 October 2009

don't expect me to die for thee, yeah?

another bottle rocket radio is put in the digital 'listen again' cell, waiting for a plucky web-wanderer to click on it and release its contents into the air once more. will you be that web-wanderer? these are the riches that await you...

- the very best - yalira
- paper planes - restless
- gummy stumps - restless
- mudhoney - touch me i'm sick
- the vaselines - jesus wants me for a sunbeam
- the sparrow and the workshop - last chance
- j tillman - though i have wronged you
- eddie and the hotrods - do anything you wanna do
- envy - shield of selflessness
- jonathan richman and the modern lovers - hey there little insect
- meursault - nothing broke
- james blackshaw - fix
- adam green - pay the toll
- the slits - love und romance
- girls - solitude

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