Thursday, 29 October 2009

tonight there's gonna be a mistake, somewhere in this town...

alright, so i lied. no cold cave or copy haho in today's show cos i run out of time. alright? get off my back, yeah? (that's what i get for playing a massive long song by fuck buttons...)

but i did manage to fit a few other songs into the hour. specifically, these:

- thin lizzy - jailbreak
- jon maus - rights for gays
- fuck buttons - space mountain
- pelican - strung up from the mountain
- loch lomond - elephants & little girls
- the builders & the butchers - vampire lake
- shugo tokamaru - green rain
- camera obscura - james
- eagleowl - sleep the winter
- grouper - disengaged
- los campesinos - the sea is a good place to think of the future
- dananananaykroyd - fall for you

(listen again here)

next week will be miles better I PROMISE.


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