Wednesday, 28 October 2009

november skinny

so the new issue of the skinny (issue 50 no less) is out now and looks like this:

in addition to the ace cover feature on warp records (and new buzz-artist hudson mohawke), there's a muso top 10 with the melvins, an article on the raincoats and interviews with yo la tengo, girls and pelican amongst other things. it also features my article on paper planes that i put online last week.

oh, and on a film note, there's an interview with michael haneke which is pretty fucking cool if yer a film geek like me...

only a couple of my reviews made it to print - there are album reviews of asobi seksu and the gothenburg address and my thoughts on pixies, sparrow and the workshop and kill it kid live.

it's blooming everywhere so pick up a copy, aye?

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