Thursday, 1 October 2009

girlie so groovy ah ha ha ho

note to self: if you plan to play songs from your ipod on the radio show, remember to charge it first... that way you don't have to frantically flick through cd wallets looking for replacements.

luckily, i'm an incredibly calm and fantastic professional, able to adapt to any problems thrown my way. which is why the show came together beautifully and sounded like this:

- the human league - together in electric dreams
- allo darlin' - dear stephen hawking
- damon & naomi - judah and the maccabees
- why - these hands
- mountain goats - genesis 3:23
- vladislav delay - musta planeetta
- andersens - i am so tired
- joan as policewoman - the ride
- pixies - motorway to roswell
- pixies - debaser
- king khan and his shrines - welfare bread
- sons and daughters - johnny cash
- sky larkin - fossil, i
- malcolm middleton - fight like the night
- the raveonettes - suicide

listen again here. you just have to press the big button. the red one. the one that says 'listen again'. it's all very straightforward really.


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