Friday, 13 April 2012

april skinny

The front looks like this...

... and as you can see, there's goodies galore in its 71 pages: interviews with aki kaurismaki, killing joke, feist, seamus fogarty, miaoux miaoux, whit stillman; features on the edinburgh international science festival and record store day; reviews of the cabin in the woods, rufus wainwright and death grips... loads of stuff, eh.

here's a list of the bits written by moi:

- 'holophonic soundscape' - interview with malcolm middleton/human don't be angry (read here!)
- the dirty dozen: april's singles reviewed by martin john henry and the permanent skelfs (read here!)
- father murphy @ nice n sleazy live review (read here!)
- future islands @ captains rest live review (read here!)
- grand duchy - 'let the people speak' album review (read here!)
- lightships - 'electric cables' album review (read here!)
- au - 'both lights' album review (read here!)
- human don't be angry - 'human don't be angry' album review (read here!)
- moonface - 'with siinai: heartbreaking bravery' album review (read here!)
- 'corman's world: exploits of a hollywood rebel' dvd review

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