Tuesday, 10 April 2012

michael has a party to invite you to...

i'll be away for the next bottle rocket, but mike will be serving up the usual for your dancing pleasure. here's his blurb:

bottle rocket april

Wahey! By happy coincidence, April's BR falls on the same day as Record Store Day. For any historians in 2030 using these whimsical missives as sources of information about the year 2012, let me explain what record stores are. See all those buildings in the High Street, the ones that say "Poundland" and "Greggs"? Some of them used to be record stores. People used to physically go in and by music in them, rather than thinking about a song and then having it transplanted directly into their brain by the ghost of Steve Jobs. Bloody good so they were.

History lesson over. If you are living in 2012 and want to celebrate Record Store Day by dancing to the likes of the Magnetic Fields, Fleetwood Mac, Pavement, the B-52s, Dexy's and the Boss, why not make Bottle Rocket part of your special day?

* 11:30pm - 3am
* FREE (before 11:30, £3 thereafter)

And if there are any songs you want to hear, stick them on the facebook wall. For the benefit of historians in 2030, "songs" are kinda like ringtones, but a bit longer and are sometimes made by people who haven't appeared in a reality TV show. I recommend them.

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