Wednesday, 11 April 2012

butcher boy @ cottiers, 6th april

Reverieme open tonight depleted and in mild disarray; guitarist Andrew Lindsay is caught in traffic, and no one knows how to work the tuner on his pedal. Furthermore, the set order is causing befuddlement, and even with the pedal’s mysteries unlocked by the band’s harried latecomer, great chunks of their slot are lost to between-song set-ups. Such awkwardness would wither most acts, but somehow it boosts Louise Connell’s charm, whether playing solo with ukulele, or all in with band, with the attractively dainty Water in My Eyes a highlight.

Long before we’re told it’s John Hunt’s birthday today, Butcher Boy’s set feels like a special occasion. Not in the pomp and circumstance sense – they’re too classily reserved – but rather projecting a homely warmth. Maybe it’s the bank holiday air; perhaps it’s the prettiness of Cottiers’ ex-ecclesiastical surroundings; or maybe it’s the fact that significant numbers of the bands’ friends and family seem to have turned out for the show – whatever the reasons, it amounts to a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

The setlist reflects this sense of occasion, with The Eighteenth Emergency getting dusted off for what we're told is its first live airing since 2007, while debut album cuts including I Know Who You Could Be are welcomely-received. Elsewhere, Helping Hands exerts an understated magnetism, while The Kiss Will Marry Us is heart-stoppingly tender – all adding up to a very Good Friday indeed.

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