Thursday, 12 April 2012

scottish album of the year award: the longlist

the scottish album of the year award announced its long list of nominees earlier today. in a similar vein to the polaris, or a salmond-approved mercury, it will name, through panel chat + public vote the 'bestest album by a scottish act released during 2011' .

the nominees are:

- 6th borough project - one night in the borough
- bill wells and aidan moffat - everything's getting older
- bwani junction - fully cocked
- chris stout's brazilian theory - live in concert
- conquering animal sound - kammerspeil
- found - factory craft
- fudge fingas - now about how
- happy particles - under sleeping waves
- jonny - jonny
- king creosote & jon hopkins - diamond mine
- mogwai - hardcore will never die but you will
- mungo's hifi - forward ever
- muscles of joy - muscles of joy
- remember remember - the quickening
- richard craig - inward
- rustie - glass swords
- steve mason and dennis bovell - ghosts inside
- tommy smith - karma
- twin atlantic - free
- we were promised jetpacks - in the pit of the stomach

good huh? my vote would go, predictably, for aidan and bill, but there's a half dozen others i'd be chuffed to see win. not that i'm actually involved in this in any way (though some other skinny-bods are) - just thought i'd post it here and take the opportunity to re-direct to my reviews/interviews with some relevant folks (a bit like what the skinny did in their announcement).

jetpacks review!

wells and moffat album of the year interview!

conquering animal sound review!

muscles of joy live review!


(you can vote for your favourite from the list over at SAY's website from the 14th may onwards, with the prize eventually handed over in june)

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