Saturday, 6 June 2009

patrick wolf review

i wrote some words on patrick wolf's gig at the classic grand (29th may) which the skinny have just put online. here they are...

Cooler-than-cucumbers Yacht (**) might sound awesome at one a.m. in a sweaty Optimo, but as early-doors support they're exposed as no-substance nonsense. The duo gamely gurn and gyrate to their bass-y backing track, but often look lost in front of a largely disinterested crowd, who only really waken up to play with the liberally distributed balloons.

Patrick Wolf (***) has himself been accused of style over substance, but daubed in glitter and adorned with a head-set microphone for maximum posing opportunities, he wears his narcissism well. Of the new material, Battle is the crowd-pleaser, less for its repetitive war-cry chorus and more for Wolf's acrobatic forays into the crowd via railings and ledges, his proximity triggering ecstatic convulsions from at least one starry-eyed fan. Such devotion ensures that even appalling sound problems can't dampen spirits, but a niggling doubt remains. Beneath the cocksure looks and amiable banter, Wolf no longer seems as weighty a talent as was once promised, his showmanship not enough to distract from a dragging first half. But when The Magic Position's violin refrain kicks in at the close, the excellence of which he is capable reappears with conviction.


  1. Awww, Yacht are from Portland! Where I live!

  2. but joseph, who isn't! i swear at least one in five promos i'm sent to review is a portland band...

    we played yacht on the radio show the following week actually - while i stand by the above sentiments, it turns out i quite like the sound of em on record. so, go portland i guess!