Monday, 15 June 2009

Jarvis Cocker, ABC, 12 July

here's some words about mr jarvis cocker's recent gig at ABC, recently added to the skinny's website:

Jarvis (****) is in a generous mood this evening, gifting the crowd such tasty treats as a banana, jelly babies and red wine. But the most enthusiastically received gift is Jarvis himself, his comic cool ensuring that even extended jam intros (padding out a set drawn only from his two solo records) are welcomed as opportunities to enjoy his iconic, gangly vogue-ing. With his Britpop celebrity calcified into elder-statesman pop-oddity, he now works from a de-Pulped clean slate which gives him carte blanche to do, well, whatever the hell he wants. Angela’s grungy rock-riffs and Leftover’s wry crooning show off new album Further Complications to good effect, and while Jarvis himself mocks surprise at where these explorations have taken him (“I never thought I’d be sharing the stage with a saxophone” he rues), he continues to play to his strengths throughout: big choruses, witty repartee, and, of course, plenty of loose-limbed, arse-waggling dance moves.

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