Monday, 8 June 2009

last chance radio jamboree

and so it goes...

bottle rocket radio fast approaches its final show of the academic year (but hopefully not calendar year - fingers crossed for a relaunch in october...)

it's your last chance to listen in (well, there'll be listen again options up for a while longer, but you know what i mean...)

and it'll be the last chance for some of our favourite bands to get an airing on the subcity digi-waves. it'll be an hour filled with some top bands who've somehow never cropped up on any of subcity's many splendid radio shows. we've a surprising amount to choose from, but since there's still 3 days before we say goodbye i don't wanna jump the gun by naming any - after all, i'd look like a right eejit if i say 'oh, we'll play superchunk probaby cos they're ace and no one else has' and then someone plays them tomorrow, thereby blowing a massive truth-hole in my unintentional lie. so i'll keep schtum, and you'll just have to listen in.

we probably will play superchunk though.

go here thursday, 2pm!!!

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