Thursday, 4 June 2009

today's tunes

bottle rocket radio entered its final seven days today with our penultimate hour of net-broadcast. next week we're going to break from our 'format' (i use the term extremely loosely...) for an end-of-year special thingy. maybe we'll even manage to get through it without any technical hiccups (a preposterously far-fetched hope - don't go pinning your dreams on it...)

if you listened today you heard:

- wild moccasins - fruit tea
- the colourful band - easter road
- 6 day riot - go! canada
- the beach boys - wouldn't it be nice
- johnny foreigner - feels like summer
- whispertown 2000 - atlantis
- alasdair roberts - unyoked oxen turn
- my latest novel - the reputation of ross francis
- v.v. brown - crying blood
- yacht - psychic city
- m83 - kim & jessie
- tortoise - high class slim came floatin' in

if you didn't listen but would like to, then there's this thing called 'listen again' you see. clicking it allows you to listen again. it's all rather splendid.

for some reason the show isn't available just yet, but check back here and it should appear sooner or later...

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