Thursday, 11 June 2009

last show...

it's our last bottle rocket radio show of the academic year this afternoon. it is an EVENT. since it is an EVENT, i have decided it must be COMMEMORATED with a special newsfeed. its like twitter, cept not live and even more pointless. still, gives us something to do in the studio between songs...

14:10 mike is revising. he has an exam at three. but he is just so bloody dedicated to bottle rocket radio he's in the studio regardless. what a hero.

14:11 mike has noticed the newsfeed. he has stopped revising.

14:15 felt is about to finish and we're gonna start talking.......NOW

14:17 turns out she is from sweden after all. woop!

14:26 don't speak Bosnian? then read our handy laka translation!

(Don’t come down from the stabbur)
(I was told by Laka, the singer)
(Don’t rattle with sandals)
(Don’t pretend to be a lady)

(Don’t come down from the stabbur)
(Personally Laka told me)
(Don’t come down from the stabbur)
(Until your love is strong)

With my favorite trick
I spoof fauna and flora
that life wasn’t created in the sea
but out of love
love, love
Out of love

How many days we’ve ran over
lying down, eating bananas
so we fell onto lower branches
Without love
love, love
Without love

I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to kiss you and you act stupid
I will try to wake you up and you pretend to be awake

true dat.

14:33 "right now i'm typing what ahm saying."

14:34 what a stupid idea this was. i suggest you scroll up and have another look at the picture of the dinosaur at the top. it's better than this drivel.

14:36 talulah gosh or mendoza line? mendoza line or talulah gosh? WHY NOT BOTH?

14:37 he's revising again. sheeesh, what a square...

14:40 and now he says he has to bloomin go early. scratch what i said about his dedication, he's WELL FLAKEY

14:40 this is michael now. I HAVE A BLOODY EXAM CHRISTOPHER. GIVE IT A REST.

14:45 ah, it was talulah gosh. of course.

14:50 and he's off. now what do i do? only ten minutes left chris, KEEP IT TOGETHER...

14:55 byyyyyeeeeeeeee (sniff)

and if you can't follow all that gibberish, the songs were:

- andersens - alaska
- pizzicato five - sweet soul revue
- superchunk - hyper enough
- felt - my darkest light will shine
- frida hyvonen - dirty dancing
- sakert - sanningsden
- laka - pokusaj
- melanie - what have they done to my song, ma
- the field mice - if you need someone
- the mendoza line - triple bill of shame
- talulah gosh - talulah gosh
- the gothic archies - smile! noone cares how you feel
- relaxed muscle - billy jack
- sparks - dick around

click here to listen again. farewell subcity!


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